bahia navidad


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Municipality of Cihuatlán


To live once more

Beneath the sublime sky of Bahia de Navidad (Nativity Bay), a fascinating journey through beautiful, unforgettable Costalegre begins. With a magical sea as perfect stage of a wonderful stay, in company of the different textures and sand hues, the sway of the surf, and a never-ending range of pleasant experiences.

Paseo en lancha

Barra de Navidad, Melaque, Cuastecomate. Without a doubt, the ideal locations to enjoy of the sun, perform beach activities and sports, ride on boat, go fishing, explore its rainforest, discovering and enjoying of every unforgettable instant.

Sport fishing tournament in Barra’s sea


Fotos de Barra de Navidad Fotos de San Patricio Melaque Fotos de Cuastecomate

Barra de Navidad

Picturesque town of fishermen, joy of national and international tourism. Here is where the first step is taken to the endless charm of Costalegre. There is magic here: be it for its sand and the blue of its sky, perhaps the majestict surf of the sea, its peaceful lagoon or the cool breeze over the skin; the beauty and the kindness of its people; it is the miraculous image of the Christ of the Cyclone and the enigma of its arms; it is the scenery of its pier; the chance for sport fishing fans of getting an impetuous swordfish, a marlin, a dorado or a tuna fish; being able to fall in love beneath a spectacular sunset. Come here to experience sensations that can only be lived when visiting Barra de Navidad.